The pandemic and civil unrest have highlighted appalling inequities negatively impacting the lives and livelihoods of Black Americans.

The profound and persistent inequities between Black and White Americans — in wealth, income, and health outcomes, to name just a few — are the product of past and present systemic and individual racism.

The need for change is clear and the time for change is now.

Setting The Standard For Black Equity at Work

MLT Black Equity at Work Certification establishes a clear and comprehensive Black equity standard for employers. The Certification provides the roadmap and the recognition necessary to enable and encourage employers across America to pursue Black equity with the same rigor and results orientation as their pursuit of earnings and other key priorities. The Certification:

  • Establishes an achievable standard for what “good” looks like and helps employers benchmark
  • Offers critical “how-to” support that meets employers where they are
  • Gives senior executives confidence their organization can make measurable progress on the journey toward Black equity
  • Strikes the balance between rigor and achievability, and enables employers to receive recognition for committing to action, with accountability

MLT created the MLT Black Equity at Work Certification in partnership with Boston Consulting Group, based on MLT’s 15+ years of experience designing and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies for over 120 leading companies.

Scoring Rubric for MLT Black Equity at Work Certification

Black representation at every level

Increasing Black representation at every level of the organization, from the Board of Directors and senior management, to middle management and professionals, to the organization as whole.

Compensation equity

Ensuring there are no compensation inequities between Black and White employees in similar roles and providing just compensation and equitable benefits for positions in which Black employees tend to be overrepresented.

Inclusive, Anti-Racist Work Environment

Cultivating an anti-racist workplace where Black employees feel they belong, are valued, and can advance.

Racially Just Business Practices

Ensuring equitable business practices, including proportionate vendor and supplier spending with Black-owned businesses, and a concerted effort to utilize organizational capabilities to support Black equity.

Racial Justice Contributions and Investments

Providing annual contributions and/or in-kind services to non-profit organizations that increase Black equity and investing in Black equity-focused financial institutions and/or investment products.

Why Employers Should Get Certified

As socially conscious investment and consumer trends advance, demonstrating a commitment to Black equity will not only put employers on the right side of history, it will also help their bottom line. Being an MLT Black Equity at Work Certified employer will boost employee retention and recruitment, result in improved ESG and credit ratings, and could lead to increased access to capital as a result of diversity-focused fund managers choosing to invest.

What Makes This Different?

MLT Black Equity at Work Certification requires employers to make meaningful progress toward achieving Black equity internally while supporting Black equity in society. It holds employers accountable to a common standard, and requires meaningful, measurable action and accomplishment across a comprehensive range of domains.

Encouraging your employer to get certified

Encourage your employer to become MLT Black Equity at Work certified. Here is a customizable email to share with the right executive(s) and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


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