We’re All In on
Black Equity at Work

Join MLT and leading employers on driving progress by committing to a rigorous approach to Black Equity.

The ‘All In’ campaign serves as a call to action for Corporate America to join dozens of industry-leading employers on the journey to Black equity in the workplace.

The campaign provides a platform for employers to share their commitment to a rigorous approach to Black equity in their respective workplaces while encouraging others to sign on to the MLT Black Equity at Work Certification.

The dozens of MLT Black Equity at Work committed employers have recognized that by implementing the rigor that the Certification demands, they can make substantive progress on issues of racial equity, both within their workplaces and their communities.

Understandably, there is a long way to go to achieve full diversity, equity, and inclusion, but we are ‘All In’ on the journey toward advancing racial equity in Corporate America.

Participating employers are going All In
on the journey to Black Equity at Work

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All who work with us are In
on advancing Black Equity at Work.

Are you?