MLT Black Equity at Work Certification is a first-of-its-kind, clear standard and roadmap for companies looking to be leaders on racial equity, while creating a concrete and achievable standard for what “good” looks like with respect to Black equity. We have the answers to your questions about the journey.

What is the Certification?

MLT Black Equity at Work Certification is a critical resource for employers committed to Black equity. It provides the clarity, guidance, and support you need to make urgently needed, tangible progress. The plan approval process helps employers develop robust, comprehensive plans to achieve Certification in one to three years. The Certification will also provide broad-based recognition for employers who make meaningful progress toward Black equity.

Who created the Certification?

MLT Black Equity at Work Certification was created by Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), led by CEO John Rice, in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

What makes MLT Black Equity at Work Certification different?

The MLT Black Equity at Work Certification program requires employers to make meaningful progress toward achieving Black equity internally while supporting Black equity in society. The Certification’s central focus is on action, accountability, and measurable results. This is in stark contrast to the increasing number of diversity pledges in the marketplace that drive good publicity and may be well-intended, but often fall short of producing tangible results. This Certification holds employers accountable to a common standard for an equitable workplace for Black employees, and requires meaningful, measurable action and accomplishment across a comprehensive range of domains.

This Certification appears to be only for Black employees. What about LatinX employees?

Black Americans face profound and persistent inequities compared to White Americans, in wealth, in income, and in health outcomes, to name just a few. The stark inequities are the product of past and present systemic and individual racism. Specifically and intensively focusing on Black equity is therefore essential to ensure long overdue progress. That said, we plan to introduce an MLT LatinX Equity at Work Certification in the near future.

I am a global employer. Can I apply the elements of the Certification beyond the U.S.?

MLT Black Equity at Work Certification is a U.S. effort sparked by elevated attention to anti-Black racism following the murder of George Floyd. MLT Black Equity at Work Certification is focused on the U.S. business landscape; however, elements of the Certification can be applied to other regions subject to local laws and regulations on data disclosure.

How do you define Black equity?

Black equity is having Black representation that is proportionate to the Black population in the U.S. and creating an inclusive and just environment, both within and beyond the workplace.

Why should employers become MLT Black Equity at Work certified?

As socially conscious investment and consumer trends advance, demonstrating a commitment to Black equity will not only put employers on the right side of history, it will also help their bottom line. Being an MLT Black Equity at Work Certified employer will also boost employee retention and recruitment, result in improved ESG and credit ratings, and could lead to increased access to capital as a result of diversity-focused fund managers choosing to invest.

How do employers become certified?

There are two steps to the MLT Black Equity at Work Certification process. In the first step, employers develop a comprehensive and rigorous plan to meet targets they set in each of the five pillars of the Certification scorecard. At this point, an employer becomes MLT Black Equity at Work Plan Approved, and will have up to three years to achieve the minimum qualifying score to become MLT Black Equity at Work Certified. In subsequent years, the employer will set new targets and submit an updated plan to reflect their progress and new efforts they plan to undertake to remain either Plan Approved or Certified.  Employers will benefit from “how to” support in both the plan approval and execution stages through templates, benchmark data, feedback, and sharing of best practices.

Can any employer get certified?

The first year of the application cycle will focus on leading employers from a range of sectors and will be capped at 50. Interested employers can start the certification process by filling out the contact form here.

How can I bring this Certification to my employer as something they should adopt?

We have developed a customizable email with guidance on how to start communicating with your company. Our Frequently Asked Questions can prepare you to start the conversation.

What qualifies MLT to develop and launch a certification on Black equity?

MLT is best suited to lead this effort for five key reasons:

  • Deep content expertise & thought leadership: We provide valuable insights into comprehensive strategies institutions must deploy to attract, retain, and promote diverse talent toward senior leadership;
  • In-depth experience in DEI: MLT has 15+ years of experience and deep partnerships in developing and implementing  DEI strategies and best practices for 120+ companies through MLT’s advisory services;
  • Strong partnership capabilities: Led by highly respected CEO John Rice, MLT has an unparalleled network across the private, public, and social sectors to build a powerful MLT Black Equity at Work Alliance;
  • Global network of experts: MLT has a strong network of over 120+ prestigious corporate partners, top universities, and senior private and social sector executives; and
  • Global network of alumni: MLT has over 5,500 Black alums who are professionals across corporate America. Our alums know what effective DEI efforts looks like and what is not effective.


About the Certification

About the Certification

MLT Black Equity at Work Certification enables employers to pursue Black equity with the rigor and results orientation they apply to every other core priority.

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How It Works

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